Cushy Entertainment Safer Spaces Policy & Guidelines

Based off of the Safer Spaces Policy by Femme Wave Festival in Calgary, originally adapted from Not Enough Festival in Edmonton, Alberta, and used with permission by the former. 

This document is open to revision. As the community Cushy Entertainment contributes to—and the society it is a part of—changes, so should our policy. 

Those who work for Cushy Entertainment Ltd. will help make the spaces Cushy events are held in safe, inclusive, and accessible. 

These team members will be responsible for making all possible efforts to ensure that the environment at Cushy events is safe and comfortable. As such, they will take initiative in addressing any and all violations of consent, Cushy safer spaces guidelines, and other toxic behaviours that they become aware of. They will also be available to mediate conflicts, provide support and solidarity, intervene in harmful situations, or remove individuals from the venue if deemed necessary to maintain the safety of event spaces. 

The Cushy team will prioritize the safety of individuals regularly made to feel unsafe due to their identity, appearance, or ability over those acting in harmful ways. 

Harmful behaviour includes, but is not limited to: making racist, classist, transphobic, homophobic, fat antagonist, ableist comments; catcalling or sexual harassment; failing to respect the physical/emotional safety of others; cultural appropriation; being too intoxicated to monitor your behaviour and your impact on others and being generally disrespectful of other attendees’ right to participate and have an enjoyable time.


Cushy expects everyone who attends their events to adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Any individual or group engaging in violence (intimate partner violence, sexual violence, gender-based violence etc.) or threatening the safety of others will be asked to leave.

  2. Believe in and stand in solidarity with those who come forward with reports of violence perpetrated against or around them. 

  3. Respect the physical and emotional boundaries of others while sharing a space. 

  4. Do not use oppressive language, or language that uses an identity or trait belonging to a certain group in a negative way, or in a way which trivializes experiences of violence or marginalization. 

  5. Respect others’ pronouns and avoid making assumptions regarding others’ genders and  sexualities. 

  6. Be mindful of how you are impacting the accessibility of the space. For example, do not leave your items in precarious spots as they could pose tripping hazards, do not wear strong perfumes, and so on. 

  7. Reach out to Cushy team members if you are made to feel uncomfortable or need assistance. 

  8. Take an active role in the collective responsibility of maintaining a safe space by looking out for one another, leading by example, and willingly taking accountability for your actions when you make mistakes.