Cushy Board of Directors
Chris Hyun

Chris Hyun is a multi-instrumental recording artist inhabiting Turtle Island. Chris began as a self taught musician and songwriter and has since had the opportunity to tour, record, and perform. As a child of a single parent immigrant-lead family living in Vancouver BC, the multicultural landscape of the city was never taken for granted. Being raised in a city that allowed for so many cross cultural experiences has had a profound effect on their work. Connecting to the world through music and storytelling has always been an integral part of their life, and will continually lead them to create and listen more.

Shanique Khalil

Born and raised on Coast Salish Territory, Shanique (also known as Softieshan) is a DJ and event producer widely known for her femme-forward, hip hop heavy sets.She founded ‘LEVEL UP’, the city’s only QTBIPOC centred hip hop dance party, and works adamantly to carve out community space for folks who exist within marginalized communities. Softieshan is a resident DJ at the Fox, the American, The Boxcar and has recently embarked on a new initiative "Cue Club” which offers low barrier DJ and professional development workshops for women, LGBTQ2+, disabled and BIPOC folks in a fun and supportive environment.

Jillian Bravo

Jillian Bravo been active playing and attending shows in so-called Vancouver's music scene for over 10 years, and has been booking shows for much of that time. You might recognize her from bands like Dad Thighs and Slow Erase. Jill is passionate about creating safe and diverse spaces for people of all ages, abilities, and genders to enjoy live music.

Telly Cruz

Telly Cruz is a professional supporter of the Vancouver arts community. From running coat checks to managing a venue, they’ve consistently put their time into helping people pursue their dreams. Telly is currently running Teleport Administrative Services, a business that focuses on the backend parts so artists can do what they do best. As Treasurer, Telly is excited to help Cushy Entertainment succeed at spotlighting artists that deserve to shine.